Oats Cereals with Almond & Chia Seeds – 400g


Packing: 16 packs / bag

Weight: 400g

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+ Ingredients: 
35% cereals (10% oatmeal, 6% brown rice flour, rice flour, cornstarch, soybean meal, wheat flour, barley flour), chia seed 3%, almond flour 3%, whole milk powder, coconut powder, vegetable cream powder, sugar, iodized salt, 0.7% calcium, maltodextrin, thickener green than gum (E415), antifreeze agent (E551), synthetic flavoring for real Products.

6.5 gr of sugar in a 25g serving.

+ How to use

Mix 1 packet of Almond & Chia Seeds with about 125ml of hot water (over 90 degrees C), stir well before serving.

+ Object of use

Suitable for children from 2 years and older and adults

+ Preservation

Store in a dry, cool place, away from sunlight.

+ Warnings:  Do not use for people with possible hypersensitivity or allergies to the ingredients in the product. Do not use when the product is wet or out of date. 


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