100% Korean Red Ginseng Water 6 years old KGinseng – Box of 1 bottle


Usage: Drink directly from the bottle Drink from 1-3 jars / day and suitable for all ages

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Korean Red Ginseng is considered one of the best high-end products in the world that people often use as a meaningful gift for relatives or friends to foster health .. Khanh Hoa Nutrition has cooperated with Korean partners with a long history of developing, researching and processing over 100 years of Red Ginseng to produce the most nutritious and high quality Red Ginseng product – KGINSENG.

Once red ginseng has been harvested, they are cleaned with a spray of water under pressure. The dirt will be removed in the perfect way. Next, they will be dried naturally by the traditional method using sunlight and wind from the sun. Once you reach a standard water content, the plant will be shaped and steamed to maximize the medicinal properties of ginseng.

Effects of KGINSENG Red Ginseng

✅Helps foster health and improve memory for the elderly.

✅ Strengthen health, increase resistance, protect the body from the harmful effects of the environment, and stimulate the body to produce immune white blood cells for young and healthy people. For a healthy health.

✅ Red Ginseng helps detoxify the liver, detoxify Ethanol caused by alcohol, help enhance liver function, prevent and support the treatment of liver diseases such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, and fatty liver.

✅ Help reduce stress: relieve stress, increase nervous excitement, help focus work on the mind. The 100ml KGinseng Red Ginseng water product is very suitable for office workers, people who are constantly active and tired in sports activities.

✅ Helps regulate blood pressure, prevent platelet adhesion, reduce atherosclerosis, inhibit the rise of cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular diseases. Korean Red Ginseng also works to reduce the harmful effects of antibiotics, chemotherapy and radiation on the patient’s body.

✅ Helping to enhance the physiology of both Men and Women, red ginseng also works to regulate menstruation for premenopausal women. From there increase the happiness of husband and wife.

✅In addition, red ginseng also has anti-aging effects, supports the treatment of joint diseases, helps beautify skin and shape.

Vitamin B Supplement: B vitamins are the main ingredients to protect health, resistance, reduce the risk of heart disease, beautify the skin … and every part of your body. So the supplement of B vitamins is essential and essential for your body every day.

Usage: Drink directly from the bottle Drink from 1-3 jars / day and suitable for all ages

Must be used up when opening the lid Shake gently before use, better when drinking cold

NSX & HSD: see on the product packaging.

The product is not a medicine and has no effect to replace medicine.


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